FIELD TRIP DAY 8/10/2023!

FIELD TRIP DAY 8/10/2023!

Field trip day!!! I enlisted my friends Amy & Cindy to join me as we supported two new inclusive cafés up near Chicago. First, we went to Will's Place in Skokie. A bunch of friends notified me a week or so ago that Will's Place was featured on WGN morning news. We made our way north and arrived just in time to enjoy lunch, and have a chocolate chip cookie made by Will! We enjoyed the BEST strawberry lemonade we've ever tasted, and delicious sandwiches. Oh yes, we sampled Will's cookies too! You have to go to Skokie and check this place out! Thanks Jeff for your hospitality!

As we headed west, we figured we might as well go check out, Gerry's Cafe'. Talk about how hometown is never far away.... Benna McFadden (originally from Streator) is next door neighbors with Natalie, one of the cofounders of Gerry's. We have messaged a few times and I've been looking forward to coming to visit this café too. We popped in and Gerry's was holding their soft opening. I was still stuffed from lunch, but wanted to see the place and the employees. Everyone was so busy training and learning. The kitchen staff was preparing food and it all looked delicious. We sampled an absolutely delicious summer salad that had fresh veggies, croutons, and burrata cheese topped with balsamic glaze. OUTSTANDING!!!

I want to encourage everyone to go visit these locations and support their missions. The employees did their jobs very well, and I look forward to seeing them again.

Will's Place (

Coffee Shop | Arlington Heights, IL | Gerry's Café (



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